Assistance Grants

Our assistance grants are available to support families with a child diagnosed with a brain tumour in Norfolk, Suffolk Or Cambridgeshire.

Our assistance grants are available to families that meet the following  criteria:

  • The family lives in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire (Currently under review - June 2021)
  • There is a child (under 18 years) in the household who has, or is under investigation for, any type of central nervous system (CNS) tumour (brain & spine) and is either currently on treatment, has recently completed treatment (within 6 months), is between treatments or is receiving palliative care

There are two grants currently available, both of which are one-off grants:

  • Assistance Grant - £300 - available immediately to all families that meet the above criteria
  • Palliative Assistance Grant - £1000  for families where the child has been placed on to palliative rather than curative treatment

The online application form is short but you will need to provide a photo or scan of the following items to verify the information you provide:

  • A hospital letter confirming the diagnosis (if possible) and containing the name and address of the child
  • A copy of another letter, or driving licence, containing the name and address of the parent above

PLEASE NOTE - you will need a Google account to complete these forms. If you do not have one, you can create an account by clicking on this link - Google Account Setup - it is free and takes a couple of minutes.

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