Statement Regarding COVID-19

As you will be very aware, the country is facing an incredibly uncertain and worrying period.

This will be particularly true for those with chronic serious illness, which sadly includes most children whose families we try to support.

As a result of the need to take measures to manage the virus and the related economic downturn, this will be a very challenging time for all of us, especially the most vulnerable members of society.

It will also have a big impact on this charity for a few reasons:

  • We are already experiencing a large increase in communication with families looking for both advice and financial support – this takes a lot of time to manage and may result in a delay in us being able to respond to other communications
  • Tristan and many of the team that help the charity are front-line health service workers and at times will need to concentrate their time and energy on their full-time jobs, as well as looking after their families
  • We expect to see a large reduction in donations and income from events this year as they are cancelled. We should have enough funds to continue to support families in the same way as we currently do, for a considerable time, however this is likely to impact on our future support projects

This means we need your help.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • First and foremost – if you know a family with a seriously ill child, please offer your support – see what you can do to help them whilst they isolate with their children, even simple errands may help a lot. It is important to stay away if you feel unwell in any way or have a temperature
  • If you know a family in Norfolk that has a child with cancer who are struggling financially in this time, ask them to contact us via our email address as we may be able to offer some help
  • Keep supporting us – please still donate and raise money for us when you can – we rely hugely on your donations and will do so even more as time goes on

For now, we are not cancelling our fundraising events planned from June onwards, however this may change as the situation develops. We will update via social media and our website if any decisions are made to cancel. All events prior to June have already been cancelled. Please do come along and support us if the events do go ahead.

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