COVID-19 Shopping & Errand Assistance

We plan to support families to self isolate as much as possible. Our aim is to establish a network that can ensure that you can get essential items that you need, without delay and without needing to leave your house. We aim to have this in operation by 28th March.

Please complete the form below to apply for this service. 

The criteria are the same as for our support grants:

  • The family lives in Norfolk or Waveney area
  • There is a child (under 18 years) in the household who has any type of cancer or brain tumour and is either currently on treatment, has recently completed treatment (6 months), is between treatments or is receiving palliative care
  • The family are in 'self-isolation' due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

We will operate this service for as long as it is needed or until such a time as the Government provide the same service.

The online application form is short but you will need to provide a photo or scan of the following items to verify the information you provide (unless you have already provided this information on one of our grant application forms):

  • A hospital letter confirming the diagnosis (if possible) and containing the name and address of the child
  • A copy of another letter, or driving licence, containing the name and address of the parent above

PLEASE NOTE - you will need a Google account to complete these forms. If you do not have one, you can create an account by clicking on this link - Google Account Setup - it is free and takes a couple of minutes.

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