£5000 Grant to Research Project at Birmingham Childrens Hospital

Finnbar’s Force is very pleased to announce further funding for a research project aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment of childhood brain tumours.

Last month members of our Strategy and Direction team visited Birmingham Children’s Hospital to meet Professor Andrew Peet and his researchers who are carrying out the project, developing a new MRI scanning technique that can differentiate chemicals present in tumours.

The researchers have found that different types of tumour have different chemicals present in varying amounts, some of which can be detected by the special MRI technique. which could therefore potentially be used to identify the tumour. They are currently working on building and refining a database of the MRI signatures of chemicals found in tumours by comparing them to biopsy samples of the same tumours.

The project should ultimately increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and therefore treatment, which would be particularly useful in high-grade tumours that require more urgent and aggressive treatment.  It is hoped that it could be used effectively in cases where a biopsy is too dangerous to obtain and may also be able to replace traditional biopsy altogether one day.

Our team received a tour of the facilities and a presentation on the science and method behind the technique by Prof. Peet, followed by questions and answers with the Professor and his lead researcher Chris.

The visit was truly fascinating and we are extremely excited to support the project. On the day we also met Katie Heywood of Action Medical Research for Children, who are co-funders of the project, presenting her with our initial grant of £1000.

On Thursday 12th October, Finnbar’s parents, Claire and Tristan, will  travel to a special event in London to present a further cheque to Action’s celebrity ambassador Fiona Bruce, taking the total amount to £5000.




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